Eco Design (Energy Related Products) Directive Lot 20 – Electric Heating

What is the Eco-Design directive?

It is a new European regulation relating to Energy Related Products (ErP)

In essence, Lot 20 of the ErP directive requires a reduction in the energy consumption and emissions of space heating products by applying existing technologies without any increase in the combined purchasing and operating costs so clearly this is a positive development from an energy saving perspective and ultimately for our customers.

What features are required?

Lot 20 requires manufacturers, suppliers and installers to incorporate several new functions into their products. These could include temperature control with day and/or week timers, presence detection, open window detection, adaptive start control and distance control functions to name but a few.
The functions mentioned above can be either on the radiator or supplied via remote controls. If the functions are to be offered via separate remote controls then each product must be sold with these controls as part of the product package.

When does it come in to force?

All products will need to comply with these new regulations by 1st January 2018.

Are Besser’s products ready?

We are currently adding all the necessary functions and all products will be compliant by 1 January 2018.

What functions will the Besser radiator have?

All radiators in our range will have:

  • Very accurate room thermostat controls
  • 7 day/24 hour timing controls
  • Open window detection
  • Adaptive start control (learning when to turn on to achieve optimum comfort)
  • Distance control (WiFi based app control)

We are also working on a function not included in the directive to make our products easier to use which is Voice Control.  Our radiator controls will soon be compatible with Amazon Alexa meaning you can simply ask Alexa to turn a radiator on or off and change temperatures.


Be aware that electric radiators without the features above will not be available for sale after 1 January 2018.  I think we will see some companies simply disappear from the market as there is considerable investment, both in money and time, to meet with this new directive.